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EOC Introduction

Taipei City is located in the eastern part of Taipei Basin. On its west are the Xindian River and the Danshui River while two other rivers, the Keelung River and the Jingmei River run through it. During the six months from May to October each year, the City receives 62% of its annual rainfall which means it is prone to floods during that period of the year. At the same time, Taiwan is located on the border between the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate where earthquakes are common.

Drastic climate changes in the past few years have not spared Taiwan. The disasters that struck Taiwan in the last decade include typhoons Xansane and Nari, SARS, 911 floods and 921 and 331 earthquakes.

To be better prepared for future challenges, an all-purpose, multi-function Emergency Operations Center was planned in 2005 to replace the old EOC on the 3rd floor of the Taipei City

Fire Department where the space was limited, the motion trend was poor and hard and soft wares were insufficient.

The construction of the new center was completed in December 2006 and its information and communication facilities were in place by the end of 2007. On 12th December 2007 the Center was inaugurated by Mayor Hau Lung-Bin.

The EOC is Taipei City's operations center when a disaster occurs. The major tasks of the EOC include report, communication, mobilization, dispatch, coordination and integration when disasters occur. Preparedness and examination, exercise and training and watch and monitor are the EOC's daily job.