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Information Management System

An integrated information system is in place to offer compatible work stations that include decision making support, rescue operation and geography information. In addition, there are mobilization subsystem, risk warning subsystem, decision making subsystem, damage monitor subsystem, information release and damage count and management subsystem. The information is collected from the central government and other emergency departments of the City. It is supported by the 2nd EOC.

The decision making system was completed in four stages. It monitors water level, weather, possible flood, warning report, quake rapid report, traffic on important locations, MRT construction sites. It also offers risk prevention material to the public. The system won the City's Web Award and Taiwan Geographic Information Society's Best Map Award.

Integrated Information System and Back-up System

Integrated Information SystemIntegrated Information System

Explanation by Integrated Information System and Back-up System:
  1. Decision Making Support System
    1. Decision Making Support System
      Decision Making Information Display
    2. Rescue Operation Subsystem
      EOC Implementation Subsystem
      Rescue Report System
      Damage report System
      Information Release System
    3. Geographic Information System
  2. Information Integration
  3. Remote-controlled Monitoring system