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101 Remote-controlled Monitoring System

Experiences in various countries have shown that it is almost impossible for a badly damaged area to report the situation immediately. Therefore, a Remote-controlled Monitoring System was installed on the 95th floor of the Taipei 101 Building to help gather first hand pictures of most places in Taipei. The 86 power magnification lenses, the height of its location and the area it covers are all the first of its kind in the world. The pictures it gathers are transmitted via microwave to help decision making and mobilization of rescue personnel and supply.

Remote Monitoring System:

This system can monitor buildings in almost any part of the city. On the upper-left part of the monitor are location maps; on the upper-right are the target buildings (on the careen is Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall); the lower half of the screen are positioning and other relevant information, such as damage.
Remote-controlled System - 86x3CCD camera on Taipei 101 Building
Remote-controlled System - 86x3CCD camera on Taipei 101 Building