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Precautions for Using Electrical Heating Appliance in Winter Season

  November 7th has a special meaning-the beginning of winter in the lunar calendar. The weather forecast pointed that there will be two waves of cold air that are expected to reach the level of cold air mass. In that case, this will be the first cold air mass this year. As the temperature drops,  people are not only putting warm clothes on, but also using electric heaters, electric blankets, and other electrical appliances to against the cold.
  Based on the fire statistics, there were 15 electric heaters or blankets fire cases in the last three years. 53.3% of the fires were caused by having contact with combustible materials. 33.3% of the fires were caused by short circuits due to aged or cracked electrical wires. There was a case where an electric heater was used when sleeping. It then ended up with fire and caused one injured because the heater was placed too close to the quilt.
  The fire department reminds the public that before using the electric heaters that have not been used for a long time, the air outlet, power cord, and the machine body should be cleaned first. Then check the appearance and wires for damage and any rat's bitten marks. When using an electric heater, maintain distance with combustible and flammable objects, especially bed sheets, quilts, or cloth. If a kerosene heater is used, keep the indoor environment well ventilated. It is recommended to put the electric blanket on the hard bed and avoid folding or extrusion to prevent the wires in the blanket from short circuits. For people who are used to sleeping on electric blankets, it is recommended to turn off the power after heating or set the timer to turn it off.
Winter is also a good time for tonic. Several hot pots with duck, chicken, or lamb are the favorites of many people. The fire department reminds the public should be attentive to the fire source and avoid any distractions when cooking. If one needs to leave due to an urgent matter, immediately turn off the fire source. When simmering for an extended period, it is recommended to set up an alarm as a reminder to prevent a disaster. Make sure to install residential fire alarms and test regularly to strive for response and escape time, and reduce the risk of casualties.