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Taipei City’s Earthquake Drill, for the 2016 United Disaster Drill of Northern Taiwan

Objective: To improve the city’s evacuation mechanism during earthquakes, and minimize the damages and casualties
Participating Group: Taipei City’s government agencies, schools, corporations, and other organizations
Location: Taipei City
Time: March 25, 2016, at 10:00 a.m.
When the earthquake strikes, members of the participating group should follow the 3 steps immediately: drop to the ground, take cover, and hold on.
Protect your head and neck with head gears, helmets, bags, or books. And evacuate in accordance to the assigned route to the temporarily shelter, and do attendance checks.
Remember to act calmly and quietly during the movement.
3.Self-Defense Fire Protection Group Drill:
The participating group should include the foregoing tasks in the 2016 self-defense fire protection group drills.