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The disaster prevention and rescue system in the ROC is broken down into three categories, the central government, special municipality and county (city) governments and township offices. The disaster prevention and rescue system in Taipei City was formed according to the Disaster Prevention and Rescue Act, Taipei City Disaster Prevention and Rescue Guidelines and the Local Government Act. The system in the City is further broken own to two categories, City and Districts.

Taipei City Disaster Prevention Planning Office was established in 2000, in cooperation with the National Science Council to be responsible for potential disaster analysis and application of disaster prevention and rescue technology.

Taipei City Disaster Prevention and Rescue Committee was formed in 2002 to coordinate, plan, supervise, evaluate and integrate disaster prevention and rescue tasks in the City, It is the first of its kind in the country.

In many countries, governments have been reorganized to better their preparedness for disasters, the Taipei City Goverment organized an office of disaster management to reduce effect, prepare for, respond to disasters and carry out recovery operations. It was approved by theMunicipal meeting of Taipei City Government on 8 November, 2011 and announced by the Taipei City government on 1 December of the same year.

To better disaster prevention and rescue work, the following organizations were formed

  1. Disaster Prevention and Rescue Meeting
    The Taipei City's Disaster Prevention and Rescue Meeting have been called four times a year since 2015. The meeting in the 1st quarter is to review the disaster reduction or preparedness activity during the first half of the year, the 4th quarter is to discuss new projects for the coming year. The others are called jointly with the Residents Mobilization Meeting and Defense Coordination Meeting. The Mayor chairs this joint meeting. Participating the joint meeting are commissioners from the Taipei City Government's departments, District directors, representatives from civic bodies, the military and academics.
  2. Disaster Prevention and Protection Experts Consultation Committee
    To offer advice to disaster prevention and protection, the Taipei City has a Disaster Prevention and Protection Experts Consultation Committee which is assigned by the Mayor. Under which there are a vice chairmen and typhoon/flood, earthquake, public safety, system, information and public health units. The committee is to implement disaster prevention and protection policies, research and develop technology, and apply results of disaster prevention and protection.
  3. Emergency Operations Center
    The Taipei City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and District Emergency Response Centers are formed according to the Guidelines for Emergency Operations Center. The Center is composed of related departments.
  4. Emergency Response Unit
    When the EOC is established, all relevant departments shall set up their respective Emergency Response Units and carry out missions entrusted by the EOC.
  5. Forward Command Post
    Forward Command Posts shall be established on the spot of major disaster areas. The post shall be headed by commissioner of Taipei City Fire Department. The command shall be handed over to the EOC commander or the commander EOC assigned when he/she reaches the spot.
  6. Recovery Commission
    A Recovery Commission shall be formed of relevant departments personnel to speed recovery.

3-in-1 Meeting

The Structure of the Taipei City's Disaster and Rescue Meeting:

  • Convener of Disaster prevention Committee (Mayor) or Deputy Convener (Deputy Mayor)
    1. Members of Committee, scholars & Specialists
    2. All practice is processed at Office of Disaster Management