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Taipei City Government 2013 " National Disaster Prevention Day " prevention education promotional activities " Emergency Supply Kit Design Award and promotion " site survey

2013 Fan page and Poll for awarded entries
In order to enhance the interactivity with the participants, a link to the event’s Facebook page is added into the official website, and Facebook fan club and poll for winning entries are established. The poll for awarded entries is intended for the “Creative Design Implementation Group”, and the “poll for awarded entries” honor is also added to encourage the public to take part in it actively.
※ Poll scheduled to commence:
From 00:00 of October 20, 2013 (Sunday) to 24:00 of October 24, 2013 (Thursday)
The actual schedule shall be subject to the public notice posted on the official website.
※ entries that make their way into the final for the “Creative Design Implementation Group” will be available to the public attending the poll for the winning entries. Approximately 30 sets will be elected. Notwithstanding, the actual quantity shall be determined based on the quantity of entries entered into the finals.