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Our Goal

To build a safer Taipei

  1. Integrating the Fire and Police Department, Emergency dispath Center, the Traffic Control Center, the MRT Operations Center, and the Water Level Center to build a command center of the City when a disaster strikes.
  2. Integrating the disaster information collected from various departments and bureaus.
  3. Working 24 hours a day to make sure the Center is always prepared to meet all kinds of challenges.
  4. Building a more human friendly working environment and operations system.
  5. Installing energy dissipated devices and macro and micro seismic activity monitoring devices. The building is capable to sustain the strike of a magnitude 7 quake.
EOC Building Picture 1 EOC Building Picture 2 EOC Building Picture 3


  • Building a safer city where disasters will be prevented or promptly dealt with.
  • Will not be inundated when a severe flood occurs.
  • Will not collapse when a major quake strikes.
  • Rescue work will not be interrupted.
  • Power and water supply will not be cut off.
  • Communication will not be cut off.