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5th Floor

The 5th floor is the center of emergency rescue and is arranged according to function:

(1) The Operation Center has 59 desks. In front of them there are 18 TV screens. On one side of the screens is real-time typhoon information displayed on an LED screen from the Central Weather Bureau while on the other is real-time information displayed on an LED screen from emergency report and pumping stations.

(2) System Operation Room is where Fire Dept staff members receive and manage emergency reports and EOC staff members assess damages. In it there is a joint wireless telecommunication unit, information and communication devices, AV devices and projectors.

(3) Staff Planning Room is where staff members from various departments or groups meet to discuss.

(4) Broadcasting Room is the authorized media to offer first hand disaster information (FM 93.1, AM 1134). When the EOC is enacted, it offers round the clock service.

(5) Duty Room is where Fire Department and Department of Health staff work round the clock. In it there are information and communication devices. They can watch TV news channels. When a disaster happens, they shall report and elevate the category of EOC operations.

(6) Decision Making Room is where the Commander has meetings.

(7) Disaster Prevention Center and Disaster Management Division of Taipei City Fire Department.

Floor Plan of the 5th Floor

Floor Plan of the 5th Floor:

The major facilities on the 5th floor are System Operation Room T, Operation Center, Staff Planning Room and Commander Room, Broadcasting Station Room, Duty Room, Disaster Management Division of Taipei City Fire Department, Decision Making Room, and Disaster prevention Center.