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Preventing Disaster together and Sending happiness 2023 119 Firefighter Festival Disaster Prevention Event

Taipei City Fire Department will hold the “2023 119 Firefighter Festival Disaster Prevention Event” at the Xiangti Avenue Plaza, Xinyi District, Taipei City, from 13:30 to 16:30 on January 14th. This event is for celebrating the 119 Firefighter Festival on January 19th together with fellow citizens and with disaster prevention spirits in mind. Taipei City Fire Department sincerely invites citizens to join the event and gain knowledge about fire and disaster prevention. These will help citizens not only carry out various disaster prevention tasks at ordinary times but also keep calm and respond when facing disasters. Disaster prevention can then be connected with family life and happiness together.

The event includes experiencing disaster prevention booths, collecting stamps for gifts, stamp postcards DIY, etc. Participants can write down what they want to say to the firefighters and blessing words on the postcards to show gratitude. In addition, there is a blood donation car at the event site. Citizens are welcome to roll their sleeves to donate blood and celebrate the Firefighter Festival with firefighters.

The scale and complexity of disasters have increased in recent years according to Taipei City Fire Department. The city government has kept strengthening the self-disaster prevention and rescue momentum of the community. From 2021 to 2022, Yangya Vil. in Datong District, Baifu Vil. in Nangang District, Shuiyuan Vil. in Zhongzheng District, and Pingdeng Vil. in Shilin District have been awarded Resilient Community One-Star Label Certification, showing how their communities can respond and recover in the face of disasters quickly. Taipei City Fire Department hope more communities can participate together to make Taipei City a "Resilient City".

       Moreover, Taipei City Fire Department and the cartoon "PAW Patrol" have cooperated to create a little firefighter experience area in the event. Children can wear fire suits, and then experience the daily training of firefighter to protect the city together. In the end, Taipei City Fire Department reminded that people must follow the epidemic prevention policies. People who were quarantined or had fever were prohibited from attending the event.