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1Affected by the peripheral circulation of Typhoon Mawar, there will be gust wind and rain shower in the Taipei City. Citizen should prepare for it. 2023-05-30
2Tips for preventing and responding deep fryer fires2023-05-26
32023 Disaster Prevention Event In Wanhua District2023-05-04
4New Vision for Emergency Aid2023-04-19
5Children's Day learning about disaster prevention is informative and fun2023-04-10
6Follow “No fire” Principles When Sweeping Tomb2023-04-10
7Fire Prevention at Tomb Sweeping Festival2023-03-29
8The 119 High-Performance Dispatch System has been nominated for the GO SMART Award 20232023-03-29
9News release from Taipei City Fire Department2023-03-27
10Tips for preventing electric oven fires.2023-03-24
112023 Disaster Prevention Event In Wenshan District2023-02-01
12Does boiling water cause fire? Taipei City Fire Department’s reproduction experiment shows it could happen.2023-01-17
13Preventing Disaster together and Sending happiness 2023 119 Firefighter Festival Disaster Prevention Event2023-01-14
14Take care to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning during cold weather2023-01-13
15Taipei City's gas water heaters subsidy officially launches on January 1, 20232023-01-03
16Take care to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning during cold temperatures2022-12-23
17“STAND TOGETHER” The 2023 Disaster Prevention Calendar2022-12-09
18Cooking as a primary cause of fire could be prevented by equipping safety devices2022-12-06
19Tips for Preventing Induction and Electric Cooktop Fires2022-11-10
20Tips for Preventing Dehumidifier Fires2022-11-08