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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Mountain Cleaning and Hiking Activity with Disaster Prevention Carnival2024-04-12
2Kitchen fires lead in fire incidents: safety tips for effective protection2024-03-22
3Ensuring Safety: Guidelines for Using Lithium-Ion Batteries2024-03-21
4Fire Prevention at Tomb Sweeping Festival2024-03-16
5Ensuring Safety After the Festivities: A Fire Safety Checklist for the Chinese New Year2024-02-14
6Be cautious during the Lunar New Year reunion dinner! If choking occurs, perform the Heimlich maneuver!2024-02-12
7TFD's 119 emergency services will stay open on New Year's Eve, ensuring citizens' safety during the festive season2024-02-09
8Fireworks Causing Chaos During the Chinese New Year, Beware of Fines that could hurt your wallet2024-02-07
9Yuanshan Volunteer Fire Logistics Station Held Unveiling Ceremony in Zhongshan District2024-02-05
10Taipei City Fire Department has implemented the "Intelligent Resilient Communication System" marking the nation's first use of the Co-frequency simulcast trunking mode and Ushering a new era of disaster rescue.2024-02-02
11Dedicated to Community Disaster Preparedness Parent-Child Fun and Leisure Carnival2024-01-28
12Cold spell increases the likelihood of stroke2024-01-25
13Disaster Prevention - Let's Get Ready 2024 119 Firefighter Festival and Disaster Prevention Even2024-01-20
14Celebrating the 119 Firefighters' Day - Mayor Chiang, Wan-An praised exemplary firefighters and personnel contributing to city governance2024-01-18
15Seamless Collaboration Between Police and Firefighters - Citizen Recovered After Cardiac Arrest!2024-01-18
16Celebrating 119 Firefighter Festival and the 119th anniversary of Taipei City Hospital Zhongxing Branch, joining hands to "Med"ucate on Disaster Prevention2024-01-17
17Taipei City Introduced AI technology to Enhance Its Earthquake Preparation Capabilities2024-01-04
18Taipei City Fire Department and the School of Veterinary Medicine National Taiwan University joined hands to create a new milestone in search and rescue dog healthcare.2023-12-28
19Beware of Fire Knocking on Your Door if Kitchen Grease Build Up2023-12-22
20Fire ESG Concept is First Introduced in the Selection of “2023 Taipei City Excellent Self-Management Venue for Fire Safety”2023-12-14