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Ensuring Safety After the Festivities: A Fire Safety Checklist for the Chinese New Year

As we return to work after the Chinese New Year break, the Taipei City Government Fire Department reminds us to take a moment before reopening business to check on our fire safety measures, ensuring the safety of our staff and customers.


  1. Check Your Fire Safety Equipment:
     Have a look at your fire extinguishers, alarms, and other fire safety equipment. Make sure everything's in good condition, with no damage or unusual signals. If necessary, call a professional fire equipment technician for a thorough check-up and repair, ensuring everything is ready in case of a fire.
  2. Fire Safety Training for Employees:
     Before getting back to work, conduct a quick fire safety drill for everyone. Learn how to extinguish fires, raise alarms, and evacuate safely. In this way, if an emergency arises, everyone will know what to do.
  3. Inspect Escape Routes:
     Take a walk through the stairs and corridors. Ensure all escape routes are clear and unblocked, just in case.

The Taipei City Government Fire Department reminds you that fire safety is our shared responsibility. Let's work together to make our city safer in the new year!