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Tips for Preventing Dehumidifier Fires

The weather is turning autumn in northern Taiwan after October, making places cold and wet. Therefore, people use their dehumidifiers more often than before. Taipei City Fire Department indicates that it is important to follow the instructions from choosing to using the products to avoid dehumidifier fires. 

There were two dehumidifier fire cases in Taipei City this October. Both of them were caused by using dehumidifiers to dry clothes. One of the dehumidifiers even caught fire within 10 minutes. Fortunately, no one was injured in both fires. Fire Department stated that dehumidifiers are high wattage appliances often run in a long period of time. They should be connecting to independent sockets instead of extension cords and avoid sharing circuit with other electrical appliances. When using dehumidifiers, clear the surroundings and should avoid hanging clothes too close to dehumidifiers for a better ventilation. Besides, examine the power cords for any damage by rat bites or poor storage. Furthermore, check whether the dehumidifiers can automatically stop when the water tank is full to avoid danger. 

When using dehumidifiers, follow the principles of “5 don’ts and 1 no” to prevent electrical fires, and look up the model on BSMI website to identify whether it’s a recalled product. Stop using the dehumidifiers when they’re defective and contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Until now, there are 12 brands and 54 models of them on the recall product list. More information on BSMI website. (https://safety.bsmi.gov.tw/wSite/ct?xItem=70813&ctNode=4735&mp=65

Fire Department reminds the public that check the dehumidifier models for recalled product, and examine the safety of electrical products in bedrooms and living rooms regularly to effectively prevent electrical fires.