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2023 Disaster Prevention Event In Wenshan District

In order to strengthen the residential safety of old buildings in Wenshan distriction and improve citizens’ disaster prevention and response capabilities , Taipei City Fire Department 1st District HQs, Muzha Ji-Ying Temple and Muzha Village Office will hold  “2023 Disaster Prevention Event in Wenshan District” at Muzha Ji Ying Temple Square (No. 76, Baoyi Road, Wenshan District), on February 4th, 2023 from 18:00 to 20:00. Citizens and friends are welcomed to participate and learn various disaster prevention knowledge. 


This event has level-breaking game and interactive advocacy booths which includes the promotion of two main life-saving Apps and knowledge of electricity safety, residential fire alarm maintenance, knowledge of preventing kitchen fires prevention, earthquake response, family escape plans, CPR and AED. By understanding these knowledge, we hope everyone can keep safe in their daily life. As for the stage, Shiding High School Lion Dance Troupe, Jingwen High School Hot Dance Club and other groups will be arranged to bring wonderful performances to celebrate the Lantern Festival. Lantern riddle activity well also be part of the stage program. Those who have the right answer first will get exquisite gifts. (Limited quantity available).


The Taipei City Fire Department appeals that   Article 16 of Taipei City Self-Government Ordinance for Fire Prevention that the residence which are not required to set up the automatic fire alarm according to the laws, the administrators shall set up and maintain residential fire alarms. Since December 23rd 2022, for those who violated the requirements under Article 16, the Fire Department shall notify the administrator for improvement within given time, for those who have not improved overdue, the administrative fine ranging from NT$6,000 to NT$30,000 will be imposed to the Administrator. It is recommended that residences should be installed with "wireless linked residential fire alarms". From 2010 to 2022, there are more than 698 families had survived in the fire by installing residential fire alarms. Because they could escape and response immediately.   Residential fire alarm is an important fire warning alarm device to minimize the casualties. They can significantly improve our home safety just by 3 minutes of installment.


Citizens are welcome to bring their children to join the event, and learn the correct knowledge about disaster prevention in the weekend.  With this event we hope that the public could help the others and themselves while needed, and enhance the disaster prevention awareness and resilience.