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2023 Disaster Prevention Event In Wanhua District

In order to strengthen the home safety of the old residential buildings in Wanhua District and improve citizens’ disaster prevention and response capabilities, Taipei City Fire Department, along with Rotary International District 3521 Rotary Club of Taipei Rui sheng, Backer Founder Company, Tangbu Village Office, and Luti Village Office will jointly hold the “2023 Disaster Prevention Event in Wenshan District” at Tangbu Culture Park (No. 132-10, Dali St., Wanhua District), on May 6 (Saturday), 2023 from 13:30 to 16:00. 

This event features experiential booths where participants can collect stamps and exchange them for gifts. There are also interactive promotion booths that include spreading awareness about promoting the downloading "Video call 119 App", “Taipei City Disaster Prevention App”, and the "First on Scene App", electricity (extension cord) safety promotion, CPR and AED operation experience, residential fire alarm function and maintenance, preventing cooking from burning, earthquake response and other booths that interact with the public to bring safety knowledge into every household, hoping everyone can stay safe. 

As for the stage, we especially invite groups such as the Tangbu Village Health Taijiquan Team, Tangbu Village Dance Morning Exercise, and Tangbu Village Praise Exercises to bring wonderful performances to celebrate Mother’s Day. Besides, we also arrange to distribute carnations and handle lottery activities, allowing participants in the event having a chance to get exquisite gifts. 

According to the statistics from Taipei City Fire Department, there were 1,552 fires in 2022, with cooking fires accounting for 617 (39.8%) as the leading cause, followed by electrical factors at 497 (32.0%). The fire department advocates that it is necessary to take residential fires seriously. When cooking, the concept of "putting out the fire when leaving" should be followed. Moreover, when using electrical equipment, please follow the principle:

(1)DO NOT overload the circuit.

(2)DO NOT plug in when not in use. 

(3)DO NOT bundle wires.

(4)DO NOT place flammable items near electrical appliances.

(5)DO NOT stain or dampen the plug. 

(6)DO NOT use products without safety certification.

In addition, for residential buildings with 5 floors or less in this city, people should install "residential fire alarms" in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and other rooms to remind residents to evacuate, report the fire, and take initial firefighting measures as soon as possible in the event of a fire. This can help reduce casualties and property damage.

We welcome citizens to join and learn about disaster prevention on the eve of Mother's Day. We hope that everyone will equip with the correct disaster prevention concepts through this event. Therefore, they can help themselves, help each other, and assist others in times of disaster.