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Safety Tips for Kitchen Appliances

According to fire statistics from July to September 2020, cooking and electric fires still ranked the Taipei city's top two causes of fire. In terms of cooking fires, the introduction of electric ceramic stove improves the using efficiency in small kitchens, but the advantage is also its hidden risk. The number of improper use of electrical appliances has gradually increased. According to statistics, a total of 135 fires occurred in the past three years, causing 2 injuries, of which 32 were electric ceramic stoves and 21 were electric ovens, ranking the top two respectively.
The electric ceramic stove uses infrared to conduct heat. Because of the built-in design, there is only a slight drop between the stove surface and table, which may cause inadvertently turn on the switch easily and lead to fires. Based on the experiment from the Fire Department, the stove surface temperature with maximum power can reach above 400℃, capable of igniting combustible materials like boxes or clothing. The Fire Department urges that prevent children and pets from easily touching the switch of the electric ceramic stove, avoid turning on the heating by mistake, do not use the table as a storage space, and keep the stove surface clear.
Fires caused by improper use of electric ovens mostly occur in ovens heated with quartz tubes. The Fire Department received a fire case in 2017 in which a citizen was injured due to improper use of an electric oven. It was a small one that the citizen did not pay attention to its height. When the bread was being heated, the top of it had contact with the quartz tube, causing the bread to carbonize and catch fire. The Fire Department reminds the public that before using this type of appliance, make sure that the oven is free of debris, keep some space around the food, and avoid direct contact with the heaters. The cooling vents should keep clear and clean, and make sure the food is not over-baked to avoid the risk of fire due to dryness or carbonization. In addition, stay in the kitchen and be on alert while using these kitchen appliances.
        The Fire Department suggest to read the instructions on the manual before using electric appliances, whether it’s electric ceramic stoves or electric ovens, to establish a good habit and create a safe living environment.