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International exchanges will not be interrupted during the epidemic. 2021 Crisis Management Conference was hosted by Taipei City.

Taipei City Government held the "2021 Crisis Management Conference" through online meeting from October 12 to 14, 2021. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-Je addressed to the member cities via a video, and Huang Shan-Shan, Deputy Mayor of Taipei City and Director of the Disaster management Office, presented and welcome all the participants. As the Deputy commander of the Taipei City Epidemic Command Center, she also shared her experience in response to "COVID-19 Response and The New Normal".

Member cities from Tokyo, Seoul, Delhi, Singapore, Ulaanbaatar, Kuala Lumpur, Brussels, New Taipei City participated in this conference to discuss the trend of disaster risk faced by metropolitan cities and shared their disaster management experience. Affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, this is the first time, Taipei has a discussion with member cities around the world through online video and Hoped that this communication method can become a new model for future city interaction.
The Crisis Management Network was initiated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2001. Currently, there are 14 member cities and 1 observer. The "Crisis Management Conference" is held in turn every year. As one of the founding member cities, Taipei City conducts disaster relief information communication, international city search and rescue and comprehensive disaster prevention training through the network every year. Taipei city sent personnel to attend crisis management conferences and also hosted the second and eighth annual conference in 2004 and 2010. In 2019, Taipei had an international relocation training which effectively carry out exchanges and cooperation in disaster prevention.
This conference was the third time that Taipei City has hosted a crisis management conference. The theme of the conference is Critical Functions of Emergency Response and Management which includes 3 sub-theme, "Climate Changes and Its Impacts on Local Governments and Organizations", " COVID-19 Response and the New Normal” and “Strengthening the Disaster Resilience of Cities and Communities”. Participants shared their contingency measures and experiences of cities in typhoons and heavy rainfall, as well as shared the valuables of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. This in-depth discussion aims at how to make cities coexist with the pandimic and how to exchange methods to build resilient communities with each other, through the cooperation of the government, business, and the public, so that communities can quickly recover from disasters.