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Taipei City's gas water heaters subsidy officially launches on January 1, 2023

As the winter cold spell continues,Taipei Fire Department has calculated that there have been eight cases of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by gas water heaters in Taipei City in the past three years, resulting in one death and 21 injuries. The prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning is still an important task for home safety.

In order to enhance home safety in Taipei City, the "Taipei City Fire Department's Annual Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Subsidy for Water Heater Relocation or Replacement Implementation Plan" will be available starting January 1, 2023. Members of the public can check the remaining number of subsidized households and the progress of their applications through the following link on the website: https://safeap.tfd.gov.tw/PJS/.

After the subsidy recipients have submitted their applications, Taipei Fire Department will send its staff to visit the premises, and if it is confirmed that the gas water heaters are not installed in the right place or are not of the correct type, they will be eligible for the subsidy.

Taipei City Fire Department has set up service lines for each administrative district. These service lines can be reached at the following numbers:

(1) For Wanhua, Zhongzheng, and Wenshan districts: 02-2729-7668, extension 7115 or 7142

(2) For Daan, Xinyi, and Nangang districts: 02-2729-7668 ,extension 7215 or 7216

(3) For Zhongshan, Songshan, and Neihu districts: 02-2729-7668 ,extension 7315 or 7341

(4) For Datong, Shilin, and Beitou districts: 02-2729-7668 ,extension 7417 or 7418