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Follow “No fire” Principles When Sweeping Tomb

In order to prevent the fire at Tomb Sweeping Festival, the fire department recommend the public follow “No fire” principles when sweeping tomb. This includes “Don't burn weeds”, “Don't burn joss paper”, “Don't set off fireworks”, “Don't throw cigarette butts” , etc. In addition, to protect the mountain environment as well as reduce the risk of fire, “Remember to pick up trash when leaving”.

In recent years, the public's awareness of disaster prevention and environmental protection has increased significantly according to the fire department. The custom of burning joss paper and firecrackers for ancestor worship has also been decreasing year by year. Through alternative methods such as "donate the money instead of joss paper", "using rice instead of joss paper", "praying with folded hands ", "using cell phones to play firecrackers sound instead of real firecrackers" or "using LED light candles instead of regular candles", we can express our remembrance and respect for our ancestors. These methods are safe, prevent air pollution and protect the ecological environment.

To prevent fires in cemeteries, the fire prevention and rescue mechanism has been implemented since March 18. Firefighters have been dispatched to remote cemeteries to conduct some rescue simulations, and posters were sent to the incense stores to remind the public about fire prevention. In the meantime, vehicle patrols, stationary vigilance and disaster prevention were conducted at legal public cemeteries in Taipei city. Lastly, the fire department will deploy additional personnel to strengthen mobile patrols and stationary warnings to ensure the safety of people's lives and property during major holidays.

In conclusion, the Taipei City fire department reminds the public that a single spark can start a huge blaze. To pay respect to ancestors safely, it is recommended that people use "no fire" ways, centralized joss paper burning service and online worshipping provided by the Taipei City Mortuary Services Office (MSO). Let's to prevent the occurrence of disasters, and have a good and safe holiday together.