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The European Economic and Trade Office will join the Taipei City Disaster Exercise!

News release from Taipei City Fire Department
Issuing unit:Preparedness and response section
Issuing date:18 March 2021
Contact person:Section chief WenBin Hong

The European Economic and Trade Office will join the Taipei City Disaster Exercise!
      The Delegation of European Economic and Trade Office (EETO) led by head of office Mr. Filip Grzegorzewski will participate in the Disaster Exercise conducted by Taipei City Government near the MRT Taipei Zoo station on March 8th, 2021. The Joint Delegation consists of Taipei Offices of Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland and Austrian.
      Under the influence of global climate change, the threats of nature hazard and occurrence of large-scale catastrophic events become more frequent in Taiwan. Moreover, as the continue increasing numbers of foreigners living in Taipei City, the safety issues of foreigners are emphasized especially for emergency and disaster event responding. Therefore, how to build up a more friendly and safe environment for foreigners is the top priority of Taipei City Government.
      Not only observing how various operational capabilities are tested in responding to the simulated catastrophic events, more importantly, the delegation of EETO will also participate in the evacuation drill to work with Taipei City Government in getting real time and correct information for foreigners in Taipei, such as the nearest shelters, how to evacuate, what resources can be used.
      The participation of EETO in the disaster exercise held by Taipei City Government in 2021 is just the beginning for further cooperation. By creating a communication platform systematically between Taipei City Government and foreign agencies or authorities in Taipei City in the near future, any demands and suggestions will be discussed or adopted to advance emergency responding capacities of Taipei City Government!