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Large-scale disaster exercise will be held in Taipei City!

News release from Taipei City Fire Department    
Issuing unit:Preparedness and response section
Issuing date:11 March 2021
Contact person:Section chief Wenbin Hung

Large-scale disaster exercise will be held in Taipei City!
      Typhoon is the most frequent natural hazard in Taiwan. Due to climate change and global warming, the threat of strong wind and heavy rainfall associated with intense typhoon will increase in the future. Moreover, the Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) resides in the center of Taipei City, and the busy air traffic makes air crash a potential disaster in Taipei City. In order to strengthen quick response ability to the typhoon and airplane crash, Taipei City Government will conduct a large-scale exercise near the MRT Taipei Zoo station at 2 P.M. on March 18th, 2021.
      The exercise simulates the complex situation of typhoon and airplane crash, and emphasizes the high-tech application, specification of works and coordination between agencies to achieve and capacity and preparedness required to prepare for and respond to catastrophic events. There are 32 operational capabilities will be tested in the exercise, including the public warning (Cell Broadcast Service, CBS), evacuation during landslide, removal of considerable collapsed street tree and waste, water pollution, search and rescue, emergency medical for mass casualty events in crashed airplane and building fire, and hazardous materials. 1,460 people, 168 vehicles, and 10 professional rescue teams will participate in the exercise to exhibit the energy of emergency responding of Taipei City Government.