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Yuanshan Volunteer Fire Logistics Station Held Unveiling Ceremony in Zhongshan District

In response to the challenges posed by global climate change and the escalating disasters, Taipei Fire Department recruited civilian rescue organizations and individuals with search and rescue skills from volunteer firefighters. This led to the formation of the "Taipei City Volunteer Special Search and Rescue Team." Since its establishment, the department has conducted annual training to improve the efficiency of searching and rescuing collapsed buildings. They also actively participate in mobilizations, drills, and off-site training with the Taipei City Search and Rescue Team. Through these efforts, the team continually refines life-saving skills in various disaster environments. The professional skills and equipment utilization of the "Taipei City Volunteer Special Search and Rescue Team" were evident at major disaster sites such as the 2014 TransAsia Airways Flight 235 crash, the 2016 Tainan earthquake, and the 2018 Hualien earthquake.

In alignment with the National Fire Agency's "Resilient Taiwan - Strengthening Technology Training and Equipment Improvement Plan for Various Types of Volunteer Firefighters," a functional volunteer fire logistics station was formally established on December 26, 2023. After training, volunteer firefighters in this station are capable of handling logistical support and resources dispatch at disaster sites, effectively managing the process of related logistical tasks. Assisted by logistical volunteer firefighters, the station plays an important role in utilizing logistical resources and coordinating the needs of various rescue units. This allows human resources and equipments to be fully devoted to frontline operations.

Due to the limitations of government budgets and the boundless potential of civilian forces, the promotion of firefighting work involves a myriad of efforts. The department hopes recruit more enthusiastic citizens to join volunteer firefighters, enhancing disaster response capabilities, and contributing to the establishment of a "safe, secure, and livable" Taipei City.