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Promoting Disaster Prevention in Shilin District Community

The 4th District HQ of the Taipei City Fire Department and the Bai-Ling Elementary School Parents Association will jointly hold a disaster prevention event in Bai-Ling Elementary School (No. 205, Fugang Street, Shilin District) from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on March 27, 2022. The purpose of this event is not only to create a safe and secure community, but also to keep children away from 3C products and experience different childhood games with their parents on the eve of Children's Day.

Apart from the wonderful stage performances and a quiz contest, a level-breaking task will be included in this event. In this activity, the public can learn disaster prevention knowledge such as smoke alarm and fire extinguisher. They also can experience Chinese toys, for example, "Kicking Shuttlecock", "Hoops", "Pinball Table", "Walking on Stilts" and "Throwing Sandbags". Once the public experience these activities, they will get a stamp on the activity card. Then, a wonderful gift will be given after finishing the task.

According to statistics from the Taipei City Fire Department, there were 1,637 fires in 2021, of which 1,209 were residential fires. In these residential fires, the leading fire cause is the cooking fires (40.2%), followed by the electrical fires (29.6%). The fire department advocates that the citizen living in the buildings below 5 floors should install smoke alarms in the in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and other rooms. The alarm will be activated to remind the residents to evacuate as soon as possible when the fire occurs. As a result, the casualties and property losses will be reduced.

Citizens are welcome to join the event. We hope that the correct knowledge of disaster prevention will penetrate people's daily life through this event and also people will temporarily stay away from 3C life during the activities.