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Fireworks Causing Chaos During the Chinese New Year, Beware of Fines that could hurt your wallet

Recently, there were reports in the media about huge fireworks display near the Junhui Bridge in Chiayi City, which alarmed the nearby residents. According to the local fire department inspection,it was found that the individual had set off professional fireworks without permission. As a result, four fines were issued, totaling NT$420,000. Fortunately, no casualties were reported. Otherwise, it could have led to a criminal lawsuit for “Offenses Against Public Safety”. During the Chinese New Year, many people set off firecrackers to enhance the festive atmosphere. The Taipei City Fire Department urges everyone to pay special attention to the safety regulations for setting off fireworks to avoid being fined. 

The fire department stated that professional fireworks must be applied before they can be set off. General fireworks available for purchase must have an approved label. Before setting off fireworks, special attention should also be paid to the "firework category," "usage instructions," and "safety distance" indicated on the packaging. The fireworks should be set off according to their safety markings and restrictions. For example, for "The flying type" such as skyrockets, a safety distance must be at least 10 meters, and for "The fly-up type" must be at least 10 meters. If the fireworks are set off without following the usage instructions, a fine of over NT$30,000 and up to NT$150,000 may be imposed. In addition, according to the "Enforcement Rules of Firework and Firecracker Management Act", it prohibits everyone from setting off fireworks at gas stations, gas stores, highways, public transportation systems, elevated roads, historic sites, hospitals, nursing homes, postpartum care institutions, and elderly welfare institutions.

The fire department also specifically reminds parents that when children under 12 years old set off firecrackers, they must be accompanied by parents, guardians, or other individuals responsible for their care. If there is no accompanying adult, the parents or guardians can be fined up to NT$15,000. In addition, it is prohibited for children to set off " The fly-up type," " The flying type," and "The throw fireworks type”. If vendors sell these three types of fireworks to children, they may be fined from NT$30,000 to NT$150,000.

The fire department once again urges the public to refrain from setting off fireworks at will and recommends using firecracker sound effects to accompany us for a safe New Year (which can be downloaded or scanned from the fire department's website 相關連結). Let’s make Taipei a safe and clean city. Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year.