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New Vision for Emergency Aid

Since October 2023, the Taipei City Fire Department has joined forces with National Taiwan University Hospital and FarEasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd. to jointly promote the "5G Ambulance Video Joint Defense" remote guidance mechanism. Through the first-person perspective of a smart device car-mounted camera and bone conduction noise-cancelling earphones, information about injuries and illnesses inside the ambulance is instantly transmitted. At the same time, it is connected to advanced ambulance teams for remote real-time rescue guidance, assisting frontline rescue personnel in rescuing critical cases (ALS), strengthening emergency treatment of critical and severe cases before arriving at the hospital, and improving pre-hospital emergency medical care quality. The 5G ambulance video joint defense mechanism has been online in Taipei City for more than five months, with more than 200 successful activations as of April, with remarkable results.

The Taipei City Fire Department stated that due to the impressive results of the pilot program over the past five months and the fact that Taipei’s pre-hospital emergency medical rescue service has always been a benchmark for Taiwan, in order to expand 

Taipei’s emergency rescue capabilities and save more lives, they are actively seeking partners. Penghu is the most shining pearl in the Taiwan Strait, full of nature’s praise everywhere. However, in terms of pre-hospital emergency rescue in offshore areas, it faces unique challenges and difficulties, including the relative shortage of emergency medical resources and the longer distances to hospitals. Therefore, the Taipei City Government and Penghu County Government held the New Vision for Emergency Aid Cross-Island Cooperation - Taiwan-Penghu 5G Ambulance Video Joint Defense” opening ceremony at the Jianguo Station of the Taipei City Fire Department today. The deputy mayors of both counties and cities signed a memorandum of cooperation and conducted a remote video consultation drill.

The Taipei City Fire Department stated that starting today, the Jianguo Station of the Taipei City Fire Department will use 5G low-latency and high-resolution video transmission to provide full-body and facial expressions of injured patients through wide-angle cameras in vehicles. This will enable real-time identification of critically ill patients and effective guidance for emergency treatment. Through smart wearable devices, they are able to communicates with ambulance technicians at Baisha Station of Penghu County Fire Department in real time to strengthen pre-hospital emergency treatment and jointly improve the quality of pre-hospital emergency care.

The Fire Department urges people to call 119 as soon as possible for assistance  when an emergency occurs to ensure the rights of emergency patients to seek medical treatment. They also urges people with non-serious conditions to take other transportation to seek medical help . “Leave the 119 ambulance for those who really need emergency treatment” to avoid critical patients missing the golden opportunity for emergency treatment, resulting in irreparable regret.