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Church Can Help support Wanhua, unite Taipei

With the intention of preaching the gospel, the Taipei Truth Church donated 12,000 isolation gowns, 1,000 protective gowns, 3,000 surgical masks, electric disinfectors, etc. to the Taipei city government during this epidemic period. The donation was accepted by the Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-kun (蔡炳坤). Deputy Mayor thanked the church for its enthusiastic public welfare and expressed that he would make good use of the donated equipment to fully protect the lives of frontline workers.
Senior pastor Liao Wen-hua (廖文華) said that this time Covid-19 outbreak hit hard in  Wanhua district where the church is located. With general donations from many faithfuls, one of primary purposes is to support the frontline police and firefighters so that they can be adequately equipped on duty. Also, let the society know that the church is full of love and willing to help, spreading love to every corner!
The Fire Department said that it is very grateful for the kind deeds of the Taipei Truth Church. These pandemic prevention goods are a great boon to the department’s pandemic prevention efforts. Whether it is to medical treatment for tested-positive people under home isolation/quarantine or the projects of massive COVID-19 screening tests, they all rely on firefighters. With better personal protective gears, better medical services can be provided. Now is the time when the whole people are working together to combat the epidemic. Again, it would like to appreciate all the people who are loving, kind and supportive, and hope all walks of life on the island to continue to give the frontline worker their trust and support.