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Safety Tips of Changing LPG Cylinder

    The fire department recorded 140 cases of fire in Taipei City during November 2020, causing 5 citizens injured. Compared to last month (134 cases of fire, 3 citizens injured), there are 6 more cases of fire and 2 more citizens injured.
    Of the cases that resulted in injuries, one was a gas explosion caused by replacing gas cylinders without turning off the valve first. The fire department advices that people should follow the procedures of replacing gas cylinders, to avoid gas leaks. The proper procedures is as follows:

  1. First turn off the used gas cylinder’s valve and nearby fire sources (e.g., gas stoves).
  2. Remove the regulator from the cylinder valve.
  3. Replace the gas cylinder with the new one, connect to the regulator and wind it tight.
  4. Turn on the new gas cylinder. Make sure that it is properly installed and without gas leaks.
    If one suspect the smell of gas leaks, they should turn off the cylinder valve and exhaust the gas with natural ventilation. Remember do not turn on or light electrical devices, cigarettes, stoves, or any electrical or fire sources. If a large leakage happens, call the fire department immediately.