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Be cautious during the Lunar New Year reunion dinner! If choking occurs, perform the Heimlich maneuver!

During the Lunar New Year festivities, indulgent feasts are a common occurrence, accompanied by joyful gatherings with family and friends, sharing delicious meals and laughter. Amidst the merriment, it's essential to remain vigilant, as accidents such as choking, can happen when one is not fully focused on eating. According to statistics, there were a total of 28 cases of emergency hospitalizations due to foreign object blockages in Taipei City Fire Department last year. Taipei City Fire Department emphasizes the importance of not underestimating the risk of choking on food, as it can lead to serious consequences, including difficulty breathing or even death. Immediate first aid from family members can be crucial in saving lives and preventing tragic outcomes.

Taipei City Fire Department points out that when individuals are conscious and experiencing mild choking, it is recommended to encourage them to cough and breathe forcefully. It is crucial not to interfere with the person's spontaneous coughing and forceful breathing. If the foreign object cannot be expelled through these natural actions, the Heimlich maneuver should be employed for immediate first aid. 

When a patient grasps their throat and is unable to speak, immediately inquire, "Are you choking?" If the patient nods or does not respond verbally, attempt to perform abdominal thrusts to clear the obstruction. Stand behind the patient, positioning your feet into a stance resembling a bow and arrow. Make a fist with one hand (thumb and index finger forming a fist opening towards the patient's abdomen) and place it on the midline of the upper abdomen, slightly above the navel. With the other hand, grasp and support the fist in place, then exert rapid and forceful upward thrusts towards the patient's upper back. Repeat this process until the obstruction is cleared.

If the obstruction cannot be cleared, and the patient loses consciousness while collapsing onto the rescuer, the first step is to immediately ask others for assistance in dialing 119 for emergency help. Simultaneously, with the back foot of the bow and arrow stance stepping backward, carefully and swiftly lay the patient on their back on the ground. Check the mouth for any visible objects that can be removed. If a visible object is found, attempt to clear it using your fingers. After removing any visible solid objects or if there are no visible obstructions, promptly check the patient's breathing. If there is no chest movement, initiate 30 chest compressions at a rate of approximately 2 compressions per second. Look for any signs of expelled or dislodged objects and continue repeating the steps until the obstruction is cleared, the patient resumes breathing, or until emergency personnel take over.


Taipei City Fire Department continues to promote public education on CPR, AED, Heimlich maneuver, and basic first aid skills. In order to bring these teachings closer to the community, emergency response training is simultaneously conducted in all 12 administrative districts of Taipei City. Classes are initiated with just one registered participant, and for organizations, companies, communities, or schools with 20 or more participants, the department offers on-site CPR+AED training services free of charge. Participants who complete the training will receive a certification of completion. Everyone is welcome to join the ranks of those trained in life-saving techniques.


The Fire Department emphasizes that saving lives is crucial in the critical first moments, and each of us plays a pivotal role for one another. For more information, please visit the official website of the Fire Department. To register, visit https://cpr.tfd.gov.tw. Let's join together in the mission of saving lives!