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“STAND TOGETHER” The 2023 Disaster Prevention Calendar

Taipei City Fire Department launches the 2023 disaster prevention calendar, cooperating with HANNA CHEN, a well-known local illustrator in Taiwan. The calendar features vivid illustrations in mellow tones. Attached to the drawings are images of firefighters performing various tasks such as fire rescue, water safety, and emergency medical service. It presents the profound friendship between firefighters and records them working together to save people. This calendar's original intention is to convey a sense of happiness through illustrations. Combined with visual arts, it also delivers disaster prevention knowledge and makes people understand the firefighter's profession. The ultimate goal is to create a future, a livable and safe city.


Fearlessly and dedicated to their services, becoming a firefighter has always been some children's dream job. In their imaginations, firefighting represents heroism. Firefighters bravely march forward to various disaster scenes and never tire of saving people's lives. Every crew member carries hope, courage, and a selfless attitude. From the street corner to the whole city, firefighters protect the safety of the citizens. Their service-oriented spirit is presented by the images on the calendar's cover.


Lastly, the illustrations on the calendar are provided with QR Codes. Each one is attached to different video introductions, enabling the browsers to understand more precisely with the related knowledge. People can imagine themselves as firefighters, interpreting and thinking about their daily services. Eventually, create their own stories on disaster prevention and citizens' safety.


This calendar is completely free of charge. For people who want to add it to their collections, please go to the Taipei City Fire Department Facebook page (https:// www.facebook.com/119.Taipei/) and enter the lucky draw event starts 10 a.m. on December 9th, ends 10 a.m. on December 14, 2022. Each participant will have a chance to win a free copy of the calendar. Notice: quantities of the calendar are limited and available only while supplies last. Visit the Taipei City Fire Department website and fan page for more details about the event. Welcome to download the E-edition Calendar from the Fire Department's official website (https://www.119.gov.taipei/) and the Taipei City Disaster Prevention Info Website (https://eoc.gov.taipei/).