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NO.TitlePublish Date
41Taipei City invited Tokyo Japan, Australia, and Malaysia international rescue teams to attend International Workshop for Search and Rescue2019-03-27
42Equipped with Thermal Imaging Camera, Taipei City Fire Department has ensured personnel safety and improved rescue efficiency2019-02-25
43“The Chain of Survival” a survivor turns into a promoter Taipei City reaches its highest number of patient recovery from OHCA2019-01-16
44The first to obtain new standard certification in Taiwan. Double guarantees for profession and quality.2018-12-24
45Taipei City Urban Search and Rescue Team held the 2018 Annual Search and Rescue Skill Competition.2018-11-26
46Advancement in Mountain Rescue Ability and Reinforcement in Educating Public Recreational Safety2018-10-29
47International Emergency Medical Service Conference 20182018-09-27
48Smoke Detectors Saved 190 Households from Fire Incidents and the Installation Rate Is 100% in the Zhongshan District2018-08-29
49The Fire Department Implements Disaster Prevention Measures in Response to the Upcoming Typhoon2018-07-26
50The Taipei City Fire Department Promotes Disaster Prevention to Foreign Workers to Improve Home Safety2018-06-22
51Video Emergency Reporting Provides Immediate Rescue and Protection to the Public2018-05-30
52The New Yangmingshan Station Was Established to Secure Safety in the Yangmingshan Area2018-04-30
53The 2018 Disaster Prevention and Rescue Drill Takes Precaution Against Many Sorts of Disasters, Even Volcanic Eruption.2018-03-26
54Taipei City Residential Smoke Alarm Subsidy Plan2018-02-27
55Website Update Notice2018-01-15
56The Taipei City Fire Department Rescued Patients in Critical Condition at a Record High Success Rate. Lifesaving Device – the Automatic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Machine, Is Fully Configured Now2017-12-28
57Taipei City Pushes Forward the Installation of Smoke Detector in Rooftop Add-on Premises to Enhance Residential Safety2017-10-24
58Promoting Disaster Prevention in Wanhua District Community2017-09-27
59Continue to enhance and to supervise the Fire Prevention and Food Hygiene Improvement at designated area in Taipei Rail Station2017-08-21
60Water Safety during Summer time: Safety is the First Priority2017-07-20